Mon Day

After the usual set of minor disasters that usually highlight a typical Monday of mine, I tried to schedule the upgrade of my elderly Evo to a spanking new . It isn't what I would consider ideal (it is not a by any stretch of the imagination), but does have three important advantages over most other laptops: it's small, it can take an extra battery instead of the DVD drive, and it's a Toshiba.

Since I'm supposed to return the old laptop immediately upon receipt of the new one (a new policy whose rationale escapes me, since it forces people to waste an entire day instead of letting them work on while setting up the new machine), I spent some time after hours rsyncing my 8GB home tree (mail archive, documents, sources, etc.) to my desktop and wiping the drive clean with... a Core 2 install.

Oddly enough, this time around it took me around half an hour to get everything (including ) up and running - 15 minutes swapping CDs and another ten or so to yum everything up to date. provided a repackaged evolution-connector (which still has the calendar bug), and five minutes later I was effortlessly editing a spreadsheet in OpenOffice (after switching off half the wierd toolbars so as not to distract me), which I mailed back to a colleague with success.

Finally, since I had some time to kill until traffic died down, I fiddled around with Draw, which seems to be straighforward enough for me to give it another go. It's no Visio, but it might work.

Hmmm. Were it not for the likelyhood of having to fight the 's Centrino chipset to get Wi-Fi and accelerated video working, I'd be feeling quite tempted to switch.

Oh, and enough with the 4G news, guys - it's just more of the same.