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Yep, I'm back. London was, well... London. All I saw of it this time around was the Park Hill Hotel Conference Center (which, by the way, has very nice vegetarian kebabs, if you're into that sort of thing, and tasty meat kebabs, if you're not). Fun meeting, though - very productive, which is not usually the case when you put together a bunch of people who've never seen each other before.

But getting on to the news, there seems to be quite a stir going on about the new iMacs having a G5 processor (as if it was really news - it's about time in anyone's book) and Apple's recent profit surge (hint: it's the iPod, stupid!).

Other items of note include the new SonyEricsson/P910, which, according to InfoSync, now supports MemoryStick Duo Pro cards and 64MB of RAM, but keeps the same sub-par camera. Sure, it has a keyboard. An apparently useless one, if I can judge the key sizes correctly.

Still, I must say it looks a bit better than the first alledgedly real picture of the SonyEricsson/Z1020. And some of the other new phones actually look good.

Dumb move of the week: HP will not provide 2003 SE upgrades for their current Pocket PCs. I might have mentioned this before, but the fact that my less-than-one-year-old PDA is not upgradable to a minor revision has made it plain that I won't buy another Pocket PC soon. Maybe not at all.

As to brain fodder, The Mesh Debate rages on, and coding for the ages seems to be a popular topic again. Of course, not everyone takes the long-term view - and most people just want immediate fixes without thinking beyond a single year's time. I wholeheartedly recommend Dan Bricklin's essay and the related material list.

But the biggest news of all is that Doom 3 has gone gold. As usual, every time John Carmack churns out a new game, my hardware is officially obsolete. And the fact that this has made it to CNN should raise some eyebrows...

Hint: Doom may be 3D, but it definetly is not Lego.

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