The Amazingly Stupid Concept Of a Bluetooth Worm

I seldom discuss security news (I'm not supposed to discuss work here, after all), but this one was too much to let pass.

There is only one thing that spreads faster than bad news on the Internet, and that's dumb news: first we had the raw news, then the advisories.

Then people seriously considered it might spread to other phones, so-called experts (who really should know better) published a few short notes and we got a number of clueless quotes.

Then we had some actual reporting, but eventually the cheesiest, most tabloid-oriented bits got mentioned on generic high-volume weblogs.

Then the shit hit the fan, (twice, in fact, which just goes to show how Slashdot editors are utterly clueless these days) and now there's no going back.

Now real world views on the issue are sure to be ignored by people who should report this accurately...

Of course, most people have completely forgotten about Palm and PDA viruses, which were the biggest menace to ever hit us a couple of years back - or so virus companies would have us believe back then.

This is such a stupid notion that I won't bother to comment it further, other that it's been known for years that some phones have Bluetooth security issues.

S-o-m-e phones. Mostly obsolete by now, and the issues were of (very) limited practical use for blackhats.

And, for people who have absolutely no idea of how things work, there is no way a Bluetooth worm will ever work unless we all use a single smartphone platform.

And no, I'm not going to name the most likely company.

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