Stuff I've Missed

A quick recap of interesting stuff over the last 48 hours. I've added "cutting down on my RSS feed list by 50%" to my personal goals, too.

  • Liquid-Cooled G5s. I always wanted a liquid-cooled supercomputer. But that was when I was going for world domination - now I have the more modest goal of getting a decent promotion this year.
  • iTunes 4.6 just got sucked out of Software Update as I typed this. Thankfully it didn't trash my DAAP setup again - watch this space for further updates if anything untoward develops.
  • VGA through an USB port. Can't be blistering fast, but the idea is kinda neat.
  • 1-inch hard drives. How long until your phone's hard disk goes out on you?
  • Nokia's radio casting tech makes it to Forbes. I wonder who will be brave enough to carry the 7700?
  • The reality of VoIP over Wi-Fi starts to sink in - people who don't know enough about mobile technologies tend to think Wi-Fi is going to replace GSM... Dream on... VoIP does have more than a chance in the fixed market, though.
  • Mozilla and Firefox have been updated. I shall say this only once: the new theme is utter crap, and I hope the Firefox team get their act together before they reach 1.0 - I rolled back to 0.8... (Update: Dev Anand Teelucksingh points out the Qute theme for 0.9RC can be downloaded here. Nevertheless, I think changing the defaults was a serious mistake...)
  • Gazing at crystal balls is always nice.
  • Quicksilver Web Searches. Wow. All of a sudden, it got even better (I really should read the manuals once in a while).

Bluetooth and MP3, Done Right

Our Moment Of Zen

The Kill Bill T-shirt, dedicated (with a courteous nod) to Cafeteira, Notes and Nowhereland. We should catch up on old times, now that we're all grown-up UNIX/Mac geeks...

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