Odds and Ends

  • Someone created a Pocket Rendezvous responder, and all of a sudden web sites are filling with drivel about "Pocket P2P" - as if PDAs weren't both a dying breed (at least according to those same sites) and hideously expensive for most people.
  • Brighthand Reviews Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition - I hope HP does the right thing and provides an update to the Pocket PC/iPAQ 2215.
  • Glenn takes a look at Wireless Zero Configuration problems in Windows . If like me, you spend all your working hours hanging off a Wi-Fi network and occasionally experience losing all your sessions due to absolutely nothing at all, you'd better hop over there and read the article. Update: ArsTechnica has slightly better info at this point.
  • Still, this piece could be better. It's not as if setting up an ad-hoc network in is rocket science - googling for it shows how trivial it is.
  • Gruber strikes again and methodically analyses why s are safer. His argumentation is sound, but I have a shorter one: anything is safer for the average user than Windows. and the approach he outlines is valid for any OS: my Windows boxes are only kept safe because I (usually) know what I'm doing and, besides disabling half the services (often including file sharing) I install zero crap.

And today's moment of Zen is Camouflage Duct Tape (via BoingBoing). Now you can have seamless camouflage - but make sure you can get it off your skin afterwards...