The Personal Wireless Gateway Is Here

Spent an hour and a half in a meeting hooked up via Bluetooth and UMTS using a test phone. Contrary to public opinion, it didn't melt. It didn't even get uncomfortably warm (although any phone will heat up considerably under the same circumstances). And it was more than fast enough (topped off at 384Kbps) for me to apt-get install a few things in my machine.

Maybe (just maybe) the concept of a Bluetooth wireless gateway is ready for prime time. Provided you carry your Bluetooth dongle with you at all times, of course.

I really should get a and be done with it - corporate PCs are anything but productivity aids, and random attacks of corporate bureaucracy mean there's no hope the company will ever buy me one. Oh well, on with the (few) interesting news:

And, of course, our moment of Zen: Sushi Etiquette.

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