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No real news today, other than a few clueless local "developers" are dissing XSLT. Took me around 5 minutes to figure out most of them never bothered learning about it properly.

I'll spare my international readership the trouble of reaching for Babelfish. It's not worth reading all of it. The biggest gripes seem to be:

  • Sheer ignorance (I see a lot of that in several fields, and would rate this particular discussion as equivalent to a grade 10 earthquake in the Richter scale, especially since some folk believe full-blown client-side processing is doable today).
  • Complexity (I'll grant that one, but it makes for simpler maintenance over a wide range of devices, and the idea that browsers will diverge again in a near future obviously hasn't reached these people yet).
  • Speed (these guys have obviously never used Cocoon, which, despite being , is way faster than just about anything else).

This being the weekend and my having little time to spare if I want to flush my mailbox, I'll refrain from pointing fingers - besides, XSLT is not perfect (by any sort of sane judgment), and my main gripe is with the way people conduct themselves, not with their opinion or lack of expertise.

Those are a dime a dozen.