Fedora Day

Core 2 Seems to be popping up on mirrors. Which will mean another weekend down the drain (although I'm not going to be suicidal to the point of upgrading anything but my laptop until the first few kernel updates come out).

Anyway, instead of catching up on all my personal e-mail, I decided to do something about the Cobalt box I have had lying around for months now and (thanks to Jeremy's revised notes, my own and renewed inspiration), I now have it doing a beastly whine in the living room while Core 1 installs (I'm not expecting it to work the first time, but getting it to actually load a kernel and start performing the install took quite some doing).

So far, it appears to install OK, but I cannot boot from the hard disk afterwards (which renders the whole exercise pointless).

I will be updating my notes as soon as I have the time (obviously), and when I can be sure this both works and is reproducible - it might be a useful way to breathe new life into otherwise useless Cobalt hardware.