Juggling Windows

Truth be told that, despite my possessing of no less than the usual amount of character flaws for one who has had such as circuituous path through life as I have, gloating about having a is not one of them.

(It shows I've been reading Dickens, huh?)

Nevertheless, there is something to be said for the fact that I'm concurrently backing up a number of machines (my 4-odd GB mail archive, CVS, this site, etc.) to my Firewire hard disk while burning DVDs of my photo archive, puttering about inside , listening to music from my DAAP server and browsing through a number of behemoth PDFs in Preview, all while lets me watch my laptop struggling to render my calendar.

And people tell me s are slow, incompatible and whatnot. Sheesh. If only I could take a to work and have it be a normal occurrence.

No Interesting News (or my first socio-economic rant)

Spent the afternoon pretty much offline (an uncharacteristic occurrence) and pondered a number of real-life issues, mostly related to my management course and the fact that Europe, unlike the U.S., has a pretty dismal (not to say "stale") tech industry.

Which, despite a few interesting news in the local press this weekend, goes double for Portugal, even considering the relative success a few companies have had during the past couple of years (mentioning their names would, alas, be largely irrelevant and prone to misinterpretation).

With the EEC expanding, we should be thinking not only of seizing business opportunities in the new member states, but also (and that is the bit most people won't care a whit about) strengthening our own economy. We ought to be dealing with more flexible employment models, better schooling, and a whole new approach to public service.

But no, we're sitting around patting ourselves in the back because, 30 years and one week ago, we overturned the government.

"Sitting around patting ourselves in the back" being the operative word, because in 30 years we still haven't gotten around to actually solve problems.

Trust me, it's enough to make one want to move to Ireland.