Time Micromanagement

While wading through gigabytes of internal documentation, trying out a couple of RADIUS load-balancing schemes and wrapping my head around a set of forecasts and a library at the same time, I managed to overclock myself to the point where writing a Rendezvous listener in raw (with little more than API calls and some spit) seems doable.

I think I'm going to rephrase my usual adage

It's not the language, it's how you use it

to something like

It's not the language, it's how you utterly ignore its limitations

Oh well. Time for a quick news recap:

  • is out. It's cool enough that it's still running, but like Konfabulator, it's not for me - I still check available disk space inside a Terminal window, and the weather by looking out a real window. Nevertheless, it has a Zen-like simplicity that appeals to the minimalist in me, and Steven is to be congratulated.
  • What if Microsoft bought Macromedia?... Er... Repost, Russ, REPOST. The idea pops out now and again, and I can't say I see Macromedia wanting to be bought out anyway. I mean, it's not like they're a single-product company like Visio. But then, Russ is getting to the point where he sees aquisitions everywhere. Relax, man, relax... ;)
  • Google files for IPO. The biggest thing since Moses parted the Red Sea, or so I'm told. I don't really know, since I missed that bit.