The Media Madness

  • OK, so we know the  player market is not merely aflame but also the best current example of Darwinian evolution (with a few little-publicized mass extinctions) and that any figures quoted as part of market projections are essentially meaningless, but sales figures are nothing short of amazing. 807.000 s in three months is roughly 9000/day, or six per minute. Anything that sells one unit every ten seconds is worth noting. More so if it costs at least US$300 (remember the is - besides sold out - only $50 less).
  • RealNetworks sure looks ridiculous. First by trying to partner with (whose Quicktime technology beats Real's hands down and with 100% less spyware), and then by suggesting they'd team up with (who couldn't care less) on the wake of the EEC ruling. Way to go, as far as business strategy goes. Down, that is.

Changing the subject, on to upcoming launches (besides recurring rumors):

And an entirely oddball twist: A first-person shooter done in less than 100KB:

Too bad it's Windows-only. Still, it's impressive, despite the rantings of the unwashed masses.