The Y Window System?

Oh well. It was floating around for quite a bit now, but given X's licensing issues, someone went ahead and submitted it to Slashdot. It obviously isn't a viable alternative to X yet (if ever), but it does serve as a reminder of the fact that the world needs a brand new display model - perhaps something like the 's Quartz and Display PostScript.

The Sharp/GX-30 Is Now Official

It's finally public, and making the rounds. Can't say I like it, but then I've always found clamshells awkward. Nevertheless, it should make a lot of people happy:

The Reaches Stores, Sells More

...not in Portugal (of course), but the pricing is still raising eyebrows. Strangely enough, supposedly sells 20% of 802.11g products, which is plain wierd (at least considering the way I see Linksys products flying off the shelves.