Virtual PC Gets Minor Upgrade

Microsoft updated Virtual PC to 6.1.1, mostly due to a possible (but unlikely) exploit. It isn't, however, a nice way to develop for some smartphones...

Palm Renames Again

Not happy with renaming themselves, Palm now renamed its operating systems into two tiers: OS 6 is called Cobalt (which is likely to cause some confusion here for a while) and OS 5 is now called Garnet: 1, 2, 3

Expect Garnet to be an integral part of the Treo line for a while, and for the Treos to multiply madly - especially given that Orange has found that the Treo 600 produces more revenue per month than any other phone the company sells (and apparently has admitted it publicly).

An interesting bit Steve points out is that they are moving towards Eclipse as the standard development environment, which has got to be good news for non-Windows developers.

Phone Frills

Ranking right up there with Nokia's previous "lifestyle" accessories, there are well-founded rumors of an upcoming GPS attachment for the Nokia/5140 (considering the display is only 128x128, and loading maps on the phone is pretty much out of the question, this is bound to be of limited use) and mild criticism for Nokia's Vertu spinoff.

That said, despite Nokia's takeover of Symbian rumours of new Series 60 phones abound, the latest being this mention of the Panasonic/X700 (which I believed to be a FOMA-only offering).

Recommended Reading

If you still haven't figured out how 3G is getting along, Mobitopia has a terse, but broad set of links to give you some perspective. Right now, the score is approximately 1 billion GSM against 200 million CDMA (76 million WCDMA, and DoCoMo alone has 2 million of those). It can only go uphill from now on, folks.

Still on the Symbian takeover, The Register has a nice analysis by Andrew Orlowski. That and a real-life test of Wi-Fi availability in London, which just goes to show that technology without usability is useless.