Stupid Patent Of The Day

Network Solitaire. Need I say more?

Cliés get Wi-Fi

Spotted over on Palminfocenter, the TH55 has a 320x480 screen (apparently not rotatable) and Wi-Fi. The design is pure Sony - smooth and minimalistic exterior, colorful icons and navigation.

Japanese Speech?

To the utter delight of the office bozo (who will now probably take up Japanese in "me too" mode since he knows I'm trying to wrap my head around Katakana), I've been poring over the i18n sections of the Apple developer docs and looking for the Mac OS X equivalent of the Japanese Speech Manager, which was apparently part of the old Classic-day MacInTalk (as can be seen here).

I don't think KanjiTalk - which I set up quite a few years back for a friend on System 7.x or 8.x - included speech, but it looks as though there was some kind of Japanese speech support. I may be wrong, of course. Kotoeri (Apple's input system) is nice - as far as I can understand it, but having text read aloud (even if with severe loss of inflection) would be great - anyone know where I can find Japanese voices for Mac OS X?

First Commercial 802.16a - Wi-Fi Gets A Backbone.

It's started. VeriLAN are U.S.-based, of course, but as usual it's only a matter of time until the regulation aspects are sorted out and European operators can have a go at it. Current projections for the 802.16a market range from the "they are no threat whatsoever to current technologies" (you can guess who sponsored this one) to "it's going to be the Next Internet" (yeah, analysts still range from the bribable to the clueless). The only consensus is that it might replicate Wi-Fi's disruption pattern at the infrastructure level - precisely what Wi-Fi lacks at this point, which only makes it the more interesting.

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