Slow Progress

I've been pursuing my old goal of getting or running on a Cobalt, and did some investigating yesterday (well, technically today in the wee hours of the morning, but still in yesterday-time). NetBSD would be perfect for what I have in mind, but NetBSD is only available for MIPS Cobalts (I wonder why, given the amount of AMD boxes out there).

So I updated my box to the edge of stability and started building kernels again. None loads yet on the Qube, but hey, it might be just a matter of time.


Benjamin Reed is currently seeking further enlightenment on the Qt/ port (binaries here, now mountable with WebDAV straight from the Finder), trying to make it as seamlessly integrated as possible (always a good thing, and always the hardest bit of any good port).

In Yer Pocket

There are rumors about an updated Treo and new smartphones, but no hard evidence yet. Most manufacturers will want to clear out remaining stock before launching new devices, so my guess is that we'll be seeing fewer gadgets for a while.

Nevertheless, here's an interesting applet I've come across: