Konquering Mac OS X?

The big news of the day is that Benjamin Reed got Konqueror to run under Qt/Mac. Although I'm not in the least bit excited about KOffice making it across to Mac OS X (I just don't like the way KDE feels, and have second thoughts about the Mac UI guidelines being trampled by a horde of half-ported Linux apps), this is definetly to be heralded as A Good Thing.

Why? Well, as always, it's about choice. Making KDE applications run on Mac OS X with a "close to native" feel will not only provide more options to everyday users, but also make it easier for developers to make Mac OS X ports from existing applications (of course, most commercial applications don't use Qt, but developers tend to like this sort of toolkit provided it doesn't get in the way of doing "native" stuff).

Mind you, making ported Qt applications fully Mac OS X native entails some UI replumbing, not just recompiling and "reskinning" - so even if we get the whole KDE bunch ported across, expect that to be only half the work... Me, I'd love to have the time to get Qt/Mac integrated with Xcode.

Address Book, LDAP and Perl Contortionism

I've finally gotten Projects/vcard2ldap working - after a fashion. Since it's been a while since I started it, here's the full Wiki entry on it:

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