Monday Mode

Things are definetly winding down for Xmas, but there are a few interesting odds and ends in the news. My personal highlight goes to Wi-Fi interoperability starting to show some cracks with all the vendor "extensions" we've been seeing these past few months.

Wiki Inventor Goes To Microsoft

Via BoingBoing, I found out that Ward Cunningham (the guy who invented Wikis) is taking a job at Microsoft. And yeah, I had noticed that SharePoint was going that way... There seems to be no relation to either SharePoint or FlexWiki, but you've got to wonder to what extent the recent comeback of Wikis has struck a chord at Redmond.

The iPAQ 6000

First off, the fact that you can now pre-order the iPAQ 6000, which looks to be a 1900-series like device with a GPRS radio:

I wonder when HP will stop launching/announcing new models, though. The fact that they're coming out with little or no interval is putting quite a few people off buying this Xmas, and irks their current customers to no end (thankfully, I wouldn't buy a combo Pocket PC/phone even if it had 50% discount - my 2210 is working great alongside my T610).

The T610 As Simple, More Reliable Tech

And speaking of my iPAQ and my T610, via MobileWhack, I found a nice, unbiased review of the T610 that echoes what I've said numerous times earlier: It is a simple, reliable phone (save for a couple of occasional WAP crashes), without the creeping featuritis of most modern smartphones and excellent Bluetooth and battery life. Todd even uses the same setup I do: