SonyEricsson and Sendo Xmas Push

The GC79 is popping up all over the place these days (The Register, Mobitopia, and a few others). Suddenly Wi-Fi punters are figuring out that they can actually use their laptops outside a hotspot too, which makes sense (especially considering Europe is taking the lead in Wi-Fi adoption and tie-ins with mobile services...).

The card is actually pretty good, although I haven't used it for more than a couple of hours and loathe the bundled connection manager software (just using the base drivers worked fine for me, thank you).

Another gizmo making the rounds is the Sendo X, which has drawn attention from InfoSync, The Register, and pretty much all the Symbian user forums. Gizmodo has more links if red on black is your thing, and there is another Mobitopia article about Sendo's refusal to use MIDP 2.0.

MAME Makes It To The Series 60

Ok, now there's a real reason to get an N-Gage when discount pricing reaches my neck of the woods: MAME was finally ported to the Series 60 (although only the N-Gage works properly with it). I can see the Slashdot trolls now: "why pay $$$ for games when you can download them off the net for free?".

Expect enterprising Far Eastern souls to begin selling SD cards with MAME ROMs...

Housekeeping Tips

Taking into account yesterday's tussle with my XP box, this hint was another reminder that hardware does fail (the only relevant piece of information is when).