iTunes Does Radio

An amusing little snippet from Russel's notebook about iTunes being used in radio shows (I'm pretty sure this one will make the rounds today).

Mac OS X DHCP Exploit

Now here's an interesting trick. Given that Mac OS X can receive an LDAP or Netinfo server as part of its DHCP configuration, you can set your own DHCP/directory and then log in with a doctored root user entry (the client queries your own server for the authentication data). More details here, but it was extremely bad form for this guy to release details without Apple having a fix ready, no matter what...

And given that root is disabled by default and SSH is off by default, the default Mac OS X settings don't make you vulnerable, period.

Nokia Rationalizes

Nokia is focusing on four distinct areas: mobile phones (65% of expected revenue), networks (20%), multimedia (10%), and enterprise (5%). I guess corporate/business services are not really their thing - expect Microsoft to muscle in as soon as they get their act together (which, looking at the Smartphone bugs that are cropping up, will probably take a while yet).

Maybe RIM, with their new color Blackberry, can take advantage of this.

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