Dabbling in Flash

I do something different every year with my site designs come , and given that my workload is steadily increasing, I though it best to get things rolling now.

This year I spent a couple of hours fiddling with Flash and came up with the animated site header you can see above. The snow code was pilfered from a sample someplace (I had it on my iBook for a couple of weeks now, so I don't remember where I got it from), and I tweaked the ActionScript considerably before it looked anything like what I wanted.

There are a few issues with , though - the DIV holding the site section tabs (Wiki, Photos, and CVS) is obscured by what should be the underlying Flash movie (Hyatt, are you listening? ;)).

The remainder of the site has the usual rotating , and I'll be testing this on other browsers during the week and making minor tweaks.

But no, this year I will definetly not have any reindeer. The antlers are a pain to draw...