Hello, Mr. Anderson...

I have no idea where this came from originally, but geek_mor just IM'd it to me. The first words that crossed my mind were "Gates" and "Agent" (not necessarily in that order). Then I wondered who was Keanu Reeves' main stunt man, and laughed my head silly.

For the moment, forget it's Bill Gates we're talking about here. What is it with the Matrix that it leaves such a deep imprint? I mean, sure, I have the usual miscellany of feelings when I look at Bill's picture (the guy built the first company likely to become a meganational like the ones William Gibson described, and yet overexposure to the Linux community memes managed to erode years of Microsoft-oriented Visual C++ and MFC bliss and a sizeable portion of respect), but having him show up in dark glasses in front of what might well be the Architect's videowall generated a practically hardwired response.

I really should go and see real cinema more often, not recycled meme crap.

Update: looking through my RSS feeds, I came across this. Apparently Gates and Ballmer staged their own little Matrix spoof on Comdex... best-looking set of pictures here

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