Lest I Forget

Glenn Fleishman wrote a great summary of the state of 802.1X - that has a passing reference to the WPA support in Panther, but he also wrote another article with more information.

Update: More details on TidBits

Sidetalking In Portugal

Meet my pal rage, who dug out his Mac Classic to join the ever-increasing ranks of Sidetalkers.

Make your T610 Useful

Via 2lmc:

...I wonder if the 6600 equivalents are far behind.

The PEG-UX80 Surfaces

Via Gizmodo, the first picture of what might be the successor to the PEG-UX50:

Boy, am I glad I didn't buy a PEG-UX50... But given the exorbitant pricing, I guess most people feel the same.