Portuguese Spell Checker for Mac OS X

While idly clicking through MNO (the wannabee portuguese Mac portal, which will certainly earn the title of "best Portuguese Mac portal", but only due to lack of competition), I found out that Priberam has a Mac OS X edition of their FLiP spellchecker for both continental and Brazillian Portuguese users.

At Eur 35, it's downright cheap. Not that I have much use for it, but since I've been seeing a lot of portuguese traffic here, I thought I'd let people know.

Palm Sells WebPro - Any Takers?

It turns out that WebPro is now on it's 3.0.1 incarnation, with a free update available for Tungsten T3 users (with fixes for frame support and downloads in proxy mode).

However, if you have an older device, you now have to pay for it, which strikes me as an extremely dumb move on Palm's side - after all, I'm not bound to be the only one who picked a Pocket PC over a Palm due to the fact it has a good built-in browser.

GCC for Pocket PC

Over at OSNews I found this link to an interview with Vitaliy Pronkin, who is porting GCC 3.3 and binutils to the Pocket PC. Not that useful for me, but it's always nice to know we have alternative SDKs.

Audacity Keeps Getting Better

I've been toying with Audacity again, and it is looking pretty good. I'm thinking of using it to mix some tracks for an office video I'm doing (if I have the time to improve the soundtrack).