RSS Fixes By Popular Demand

Every time I update the Referrers filter, I get a couple of complaints that it pops up on my RSS feed. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn't update with every new referrer - it updates when I change the page source that generates the table.

This weekend I decided to remove Yahoo searches from the referrers, so I changed the regular expression - just pop over there and click on the "Diff" link on the toolbar.

Regular as clockwork, RecentChanges sent the full 100K (or so) table to every innocent RSS visitor, including Eric Case and Joachim Bengtsson (hi guys). It figures - it's what PhpWiki does by default, but I appreciate that not everybody likes it, so I took some time to fix it.

Likely fixes before looking at the code were:

  • A restricted blog/*-only feed (but you'd miss out on all the knick-knacks and additions around the site).
  • A filtered feed with an exclusion list (removing Referrers, Index and a couple of other longish pages).

The latter seemed most likely, since PhpWiki already had some built-in support for it. Regrettably, it wasn't implemented in RecentChanges, so I had to push down yet another parameter through to the database layer.

It seems to work now, but I might have to redo it later - so apologies if Referrers pops up in your RSS feed again.