How Far We've Come

Amazing, isn't it?


Taking a break from the Net these days. Nevertheless, interesting stuff still crops up:

Even Faster 802.11

Palm RSS

I've been looking at the Fedora Project this past week, and I've decided to set up a test box with it. Despite the pain and grief I usually associate with anything even remotely related to Rawhide, the recent split of 's distro into Enterprise and makes it look appealing for folk like me who like a very stable and coherent distro to which you can add just the extra features you need for tinkering with.

My only concern with it is that it starts losing the polish - minimally coherent GUIs, installation paths, package dependencies, etc.

VGA s?

At long last, someone has apparently decided to break the 240x320 pixel barrier on screens. You can actually force most current models to a higher resolution (thanks to stuff like NVD), but the display never kept up with it.

Via Brighthand, there's news of an upcoming model from Toshiba supposed to have a 4" VGA (480x640) screen.

I wonder what the weight and battery life will be like...

KDE for any day now?

Ben Reed seems to be making progress. No packages yet, though, but I'll be keeping an eye out.