Not Against Anything Anymore

No matter how much I liked the name, I've had enough hassle with not being able to reach my own site.

The site will be permanently moved to and in a few days.

Non-native English speakers seem to have a problem with the new URL, though. And it's not, by any stretch of the imagination, as cool as the old one. I hope to make up for it with a new logo. Actually, . I'm doing them right now just to let off some steam.

But besides representing a return to my old habit of never, ever being dependent on anyone else for anything (if anything goes wrong, you only have yourself to blame), the new name has the advantage of getting rid of idiot remarks like "so you're against the Mac? or against Windows?".

In case you're wondering, this was due to a major cock-up on the part of the new hosting firm the domain name was transferred to. If I have permission - I'm not the only one left out to dry - I'll post the name here so that people avoid their (dis)service.

The move is going to be a major hassle, though. A lot of the site's underpinnings (referral filters, statistics, the banner ads, the moblogging daemon, even the SSL certificate I self-signed) are dependent on the domain name.

Not to mention my regular visitors, most of which (judging by the drop in traffic) are now simply unable to find the site. And the Google indexer that is, even now, trawling my web server again. And the Technorati index, which was lots of fun to watch.

So if you can read this, spread the word. I hope to have the DNS record back any time soon, but all traffic to it will be redirected to the new domain for a month or so:

if( $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] == "" ) {
header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
header( "Location:" . $_SERVER["PATH_INFO"] );
"301 Moved Permanently" );

And speaking of new domains, thanks to pmos for the kind (and hilarious) offer of and (either of which feels awfully adequate at this point). They provided well-needed comic relief.