Yes, folks, people are reinventing tunnelling yet again, but this time as a corporate "VPN" solution: lavishly illustrated article (via Wi-Fi Networking News)

RSS in the Media

Wired published a news article on RSS, which is a sure sign of a bunch of copycat articles hitting the media anytime soon. They mention and NewsMonster, and hint at collaborative filtering as a likely way forward for the technology.

SuperDrive Hack

An enterprising soul found a way to update the firmware on SuperDrives to allow DVD-R burning at 2x (instead of 1x), DVD-RW burning at 1x (instead of it being disabled), CD-R burning at 16x (instead of 8x) and CD-RW burning at 8x (instead of 4x). It does pose risks (besides voiding the warranty, the drive probably gets too hot for what the was designed to dissipate), but makes for interesting reading. (via /.)

...and for the Windows crowd...

Cygwin now includes 2.3 and an updated build of XFree86 4.3.0, which was a nice bonus as I settled down to work today and did my customary updates.

Outclass (which I rely on to stem the veritable tsunami of work e-mail I'm cursed with) was also recently updated, and I recommend it heartily. It's always nice to have (free) options: