Michael Swaine at O'Reilly

If you've had anything at all to do with serious coding in the past, and even if you've never used a , you've probably heard of Michael Swaine, Doctor Dobb's Journal Editor-In-Chief (or Editor-At-Large, as he used to sign some of his columns).

Well, he's now started a regular column at MacDevCenter, and his writing is still witty, informative and sharp as a tack.

Thoroughly recommended. Oh, and thanks to a bit of Meerkat and RSS magic, here is the Swaine Manor Feed.

The Minimalistic Environment

For a lark (and taking advantage of the fact that I had a fresh box), I ended up compiling 4.3.2 under Cygwin with thttpd. So far, it runs fine and does just about everything I need for unit testing (but can't quite run this site, for instance).

as URL handler?

Just found out that in ssh:// URLs invoke . Not bad, but not entirely secure either. It all depends on your degree of paranoia, I guess.