Minor Touches

I've finally gotten around to updating the top site banner with a working imagemap, and am slowly retheming the photo album. As everyone else in the biz has discovered before me, CSS is amazingly consistent across all browsers except Internet Explorer, which makes a total hash out of positioning and borders... Oh well. I suppose I had it coming, after years of IE-only stuff.

And, as an encore...

...the RSS feed for this site now includes full post contents, so it might actually be interesting now. The feed looks fine in NetNewsWire (links, images and whatnot), and I'll test it on other RSS viewers as soon as I get the chance.


Cristopher Elkins picked up where I left off and implemented the Nokia Image Upload Protocol in Python, so if that's your thing, head on over and give it a whirl.

I'm currently struggling with Bayesian classification and trying to read Python code (some heavily convoluted stuff involving lambda functions and a peculiar take on hash tables), so I look upon anyone actually able to write stuff on it with awe. Must be my aging, C++-addled brain...

Arcane Coding

Monitor Man

I've always taken an interest in Wearable Computing, but this takes the biscuit...