PHP 5 Beta 1

Okay, here's something to get my teeth into someday. For now, I'll stick to reading the Changelog and seeing how people react; 4.0 was a big shock compatibility-wise, and every major revision up to 4.3 brought a few compatibility issues (mostly due to the tightening of the security model and the new "superglobals").

Scheduled Downtime

This site was down a couple of hours while I moved it to a different closet. All is well, and we get Public CVS to boot.

So You Need TCP/IP in 8 bits?

FreeBSD Gets 802.11a and Support

The hordes are likely to follow suit any day now. more info

Silpheed at 40% Discount Still Rocks

Brainless, zero-learning-curve games. Oh boy, do I need a vacation...