Turbo Boost

After some re-configuration (and re-migration), the site should be back to its normal speed now. Steroids still has a few rough edges, though, and I can't make up my mind as to what the footer should look like, so I reset it to the (hideous) default.

Flash Amazement

Just stumbled on to 247 Media Studios. very neat.

Utter Trivia

Did you know Julia Roberts plays Halo? Christ. Of all the things I didn't want to know about (although it makes for an endearing touch when I get fragged on Xbox Live! - it might be her. :))

WPA on ? Only on Panther

Both via WiFi Networking News and the Apple AirPort Weblog: a (very) short reference on Small Net Builder to WPA being supported on Panther.

Qt/Mac Released

Go get it now. As I said , it won't improve the applications that end up getting ported, but at least we'll have access to another cross-platform toolkit.