Vinyl Lives On

For the past 3 years, I've been (very patiently) trying to digitize a few old vinyl records in order to preserve them - usually around the Christmas holidays.

The first year I got an old turntable, but couldn't get a decent signal level out of it. Last year I got a friend of mine to buy a suitable preamp for me, but the impedance match with my PC sound cards was all wrong. And this year I finally got rid of the PCs, got an iMic and downloaded this:

Now, where did I store that damned turntable? Hmmm...

Gutting an iPAQ

If, like me, you ever need to pop open an iPAQ to try to fix a broken pen retainer, clear the fluff out or add an external microphone, you can try this and this. Most helpful of all was this short MPEG movie, that clearly showed how to pop the case open.

I don't have the required glue handy (and it's kinda late to get out my SMD soldering iron and melt a few bits of plastic together), but I managed to take a few photos of the insides (including a couple of macro shots of the broken pen retainer, which seems to be a rather cheapskate design in the first place - a metal U spring would last much longer).

The Nokia/6600

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