More Downtime

This site will be unavailable for 48 to 72 hours while I move some stuff around (myself included). This means I'll finally a) get some fresh air b) take a gazillion photos of the countryside c) sort out some power cabling issues and (with any luck) d) dust off the server :)

Nokia Image Upload

By way of rage, here's the Nokia Image Upload API Specs (PDF). I'll kick this around a bit if I find the time (I'm delving into the abstract depths of MPLS, RADIUS log handlers and EAP, so this is strictly for kicks). Maybe my photolog will benefit from this.

Living inside Straw and RedHat 9

I've finally gotten Straw to work on a base RedHat 9 install with minimal recompiles. The short version is that you need to recompile the base pygtk RPM with threading support and set up a couple extra Python libraries - no big deal, and took me all of 30 minutes while packing.

And yeah, I'm actually taking a Linux laptop for the weekend - I need to look at some iptables and VLAN stuff, so my iBook stays behind - and damn, am I going to miss it.


Not sure how all this started, but I've found a couple of versions of this maddening puzzle so far:

Find the matching tiles

I traced it first to dive into Mark, and then found a CSS version - written in PHP, and with source code.