The Mark Of ZTerm

Where do you want to go today?

If, like most geeks, you spend more time arguing about where to have lunch (usually at the last minute) than actually eating, then The Wheel Of Yum might just be your thing:

(And yes, you must be totally beyond salvation if you think using a full-blown client-server solution to decide where you're going to have lunch is even remotely normal...)


Back on the J2ME trail, I came across Webviewer, a full HTML browser for MIDP devices like the Series 60 and - check this out - the Series 40:

Like a gazillion similar technologies before it, this uses a central proxy to reformat content.

NAT Monitor

If you have to keep tabs on a NAT gateway and ntop doesn't do it for you, check out NAT Monitor:

Heck, it even comes with a tutorial animation.