Changing Format

I'm going to be decoupling the Wiki from the actual weblog, since my own code is starting to work. The plan is to set up an interim site (MovableType springs to mind, but pMachine was suggested to me earlier, so I'm forcing myself to take a look at it) and find a way to migrate the Wiki contents to my format. I've finally figured out I want a leaner Wiki with better content management (so I can use it for documentation and technotes) and a CVS-based back-end.

(Micro-Review: pMachine still has a way to go. The install script failed on my bogus RAQ550, and that runs pretty much anything I throw at it. A cursory glance through the code revealed a couple of baseline assertions that should be covered in the documentation, and no real info on the database schema. Oh well. Scrap that.)

I also figured out I need to write some more, and this is not the way to go about it.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Unless you've been using Windows for the last week, you've probably noticed the new beta is out - with tabs!

So far, no big deal. Nothing I couldn't get out of , and slightly worse layout (I've grown accostumed to Mozilla page rendering antics, so anything besides IE and Mozilla feels a bit funky). It feels speedier, but, quite objectively, isn't. It just builds up the page in a slightly more clever progressive fashion, giving the illusion it's faster.

Still beats the heck out of my Windows laptop, though.

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sic Amet...

No, I'm not going Latin on you. I've just come across a Lorem Ipsum Generator, which is a great thing to have lying around when you need to generate filler text to test layouts and text processing scripts.