Switching back to Windows

OK. I've had enough of "lickable" windows, swooshing minimize effects, ondulating dock icons and being able to do whatever I want to with no effort whatsoever. I'm fed up with the Finder, hate , and will never find a real use for Fink.

I miss the nice yellow Explorer folders, the Chicco-like theme and the way Office grinds my hard disk to smithereens throughout the day. I miss slurping coffee while my laptop rebooted and the way hung when I changed networks.

So I'm going back to Windows, just in time for the new 2003 server edition.

OK, that was a pretty lame April Fool's, I know. Bear with me - we just parked http://na-cama.com, and nostalgia had the better of me.

Macintosh History

After the slashdotting finishes, check out Susan Kare's Site. Susan was the creator of most of the original Mac and Windows 3.0 visual elements, and the site is a mandatory stopover if you have anything at all to do with UI design.

Parody Bit On

Check out The Evil Bit RFC. Not sure if it's up as a bona fide RFC, but the IETF has a history for publishing great April Fools RFCs... :)

And the Oscar for best April Fools' goes to.... The iGrill, a revolutionary 2.0 cooking device with a "sophisticated web-based cooking interface":

Floss your teeth