Just found out you can get Pro Tools Free, which is nice. Not sure what the limitations are, though.

Time Travel?

By way of IF THEN ELSE: Time traveller arrested for insider trading. Utterly hilarious, especially considering that the only time travel we're likely to be doing is switching over to Summer time.

Holy Pageviews, Batman!

Just clicked on my sitemeter (out of sheer luck - white on white is not exactly visible, and I had nearly forgotten about it anyway) and was utterly baffled by the yearly graph:

Where are all these pageviews coming from? Gosh. I have some sort of an audience now, I guess.

Photo Fix

Fixed date navigation on my Photo Log - it turned out I was being ever so slightly paranoid about date validation.

You can now go back up to June 11th, 2001, which seems a lifetime away now...

Mobile Phone Concepts

This guy seems to be building a gallery of concept phones and other gadgets. Some of the photos are smallish, but nevertheless interesting.

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