RPM hell

Been tinkering with my RAQ550 a bit more, since it makes sense to get fetchmail running on it to consolidate my e-mail accounts someplace. I also have the monumental task of re-converting around 2GB of PSTs, which does not thrill me at all (I just know I'm going to have to setup an server at some point just to reconvert all the attachments...).

Thing is, the [RedHat fetchmail SRPM is one of the few I can't recompile cleanly on the RAQ550. Rather than using the latest unstable, I decided to learn more and try to get RPM4 running on the RAQ550.

Bad move. Haven't actually broken anything yet, but came up against a whole lot of dependencies. Some I can work around by tweaking the SPEC files, some not.

So, after a couple of hours with an eye on build errors scrolling by and another on Olaf Stapledon's Last And First Men, I'm calling it quits. I'll try esr's SRPM after a good night sleep.


Been upgrading stuff ( 2.0 is out, long live Firewire) and dusting off machines. Have briefly investigated USB Storage on the RAQ550, and hacked a very simple script to send an animated gif to my MMS phone: