Moved most of my stuff to this new box, and finally got it running with a healthy dose of duct tape.

The bad news: I have far less bandwidth, so some images are gone for now. I'll also be doing some bandwidth throttling on my photo album, cleaning out gunk from the site HTML, etc.

The good news: dual 933MHz. Ok, so this is a VM inside it, but hey, it works :)

More changes are coming, though. A lot more. Right now, I need this site up to export the contents.

Oh, and I'm sorely pissed. More on that later.

Random Tasklist

  • Get Kannel up and running (most likely repackage an RPM for the RAQ550 and publish the SPEC file)
  • Figure out how to rebuild SRPMs on the Qube
  • Build a chroot environment for my cvstrac, with anon CVS
  • Shut off the damn snort alarms (by letting it know the firewall is actually someplace else now)
  • Set up a development environment where I can rebuild/repackage the SnipSnap WAR
  • Reassemble a couple of Movable Type sites that came along for the ride.
  • XSLT draft from PhpWiki to SnipSnap XML

Mobility Notes

  • .mac has an SSL-enabled mail service, which suits me just fine. Furthermore, it seems to support digest auth on IMAP, which also comes in very handy for Series 60 phones (must check the auth type against my server later on).
  • Have to finish the damn MMS net stats code once and for all
  • mkdir -p projects/midp/yahoo-midlet (if I get that far)
  • Larvae

Moved again

Ha. Didn't notice anything, did you? I've just moved this to a "real" box. :)