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Oct 5th

El Capitan

Also known as the silliest name for an operating system ever. I have no idea what Steve would say, but I cannot help but wonder…

I’ve been running the GM for a couple of weeks, and aside from a few tussles with MenuMeters (which I had to rebuild from source based on this port) and a few, erm… productivity apps that required an update to stop crashing randomly, I have had no relevant issues with it so far other than the usual development adjustments that come with a new OS.

Like Yosemite, it’s an iterative upgrade with a little more polish. And, like before, I was largely unfazed by the tweaks to, the window management features (Split View is nice, but I’ve been using Moom for so long to tile my windows that it’s not worth writing home about) or the usual barrelful of minutiae.

The new Safari is pretty snappy, too, and as such remains my default browser for everything that doesn’t require Flash — which, fortunately, is most of what I visit daily.

What is worth writing about is that El Capitan, through the magic of Metal or otherwise, finally fixed a bunch of graphics performance issues I had with Yosemite, with the immediately noticeable result that my 5-year-old MacBook Pro no longer slowed to a crawl when I plugged in an external display — and my home Mac mini, which predates it by another magnitude of obsolescence, is now perfectly at ease driving two full HD displays.

So yeah, two thumbs up.

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