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Mar 29th

Sanity Saving Time

Every time we go back to Daylight Savings Time, things feel slightly less out of whack. Maybe it’s the awesome sunlight streaming in by mid-afternoon…

I can’t wait to see what manner of time-related bugs await us this Monday, but in general things tend to be a little more… logical this time of year.

Which is good, because things have definitely been hectic. I have three separate drafts (in various degrees of completeless) I’ve been meaning to post, pretty much all of my personal projects are stalled (or progressing at the rate of a commit every week), my home office looks like it has more loose circuit boards than a Cray One, and I’m still trying to sort the (relatively few) photos I took the past three months.

Work is somewhat to blame for this (including a nearly week-long hiatus on a little Marketing stint that I’m proud of yet somewhat bittersweet for not being credited for), but family birthdays, outings and friends (few but irreplaceable) shoulder most of that burden.

Meanwhile, I’ve managed to catch up on a few non-technology-related things.

For starters, I’ve finally watched Interstellar (which I meant to do last year) and fall squarely on the camp of those who like it despite whatever gaping plot holes it might have (it’s called suspension of disbelief, folks, you might want to try it1) - a large swathe of its soundtrack is brilliant, too, which considerably helps.

I also started reading Becoming Steve Jobs, which (at least for the first third) is broadly similar to Isaacson’s book. There are nuances and a little added depth, but so far none of the excitement and insights I derived from, say Creativity, Inc. (which still ranks up there as the best book I read in quite some time).

That similarity is likely to be the reason I plowed my way through two other books (and half a music theory textbook) over the past week instead of sticking to it, but I have high hopes for the remaining two thirds.

That and for leaving the office with some daylight to spare. I miss my long walks.

  1. I use it daily at the office, like anyone else whose life resembles a Dilbert cartoon. 

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