Go (lang)

A great systems-oriented programming language I’ve taken up to complement Python.


Category Date Link Notes
Web Frameworks Jun’16 echo A high-performance HTTP server framework
Jun’15 Goji A Sinatra-inspired, minimalist framework
HttpRouter A high performance HTTP router
Other May’16 Shrinking Go binaries By stripping debug symbols and using upx
Mar’16 suture A library that implements Erlang-like supervision trees
vscode-go An extension for Visual Studio Code
Mar’15 termui A terminal-oriented dashboard library
go-bindata Pack external assets into a Go program as binary data
Jun’14 Tardis Go Another transpiler to JavaScript
Apr’14 Gobot A set of robotics-oriented libraries
Feb’14 GopherJS A transpiler to JavaScript
10 Jun Lanyon A Yaki-like affair that renders Markdown files
Data Dec’15 Glow An easy-to-use distributed computation (map-reduce) system in pure Go.
Feb’15 Prometheus An all-in-one monitoring system
Nov 5 InfluxDB a metrics-oriented database.
Libraries Jan’17 viper A flexible configuration solution for 12 factor apps (and more)
Jun’16 etree An XML handling library modeled on Python’s ElementTree
Mar’15 torrent An embeddable BitTorrent library
Jan’15 mangos A network library for IPC patterns
Dec 29 gorm A Go ORM library
Sep 6 blevesearch A Lucene-like indexing library
Sep 5 gift The Go Image Filterintg Toolkit (see also this CLI interface)
go-vnc An extensible VNC protocol library
Aug 13 golearn A very nice machine learning library
Jun 21 gen Clojure-like immutable data-structures and functional helpers
go-linq LINQ-like functionality with coroutine support
Jun 10 libchan A network-enabled abstraction that mimics channels
Oct 26 go-imap an IMAP client library
Sep 29 gohadoop A set of libraries to build Hadoop jobs
Sep 16 goworker A Resque-compatible library for background workers
Jul 28 nsq A message queueing system
Aug 23 go-dsp A digital processing package
Dialects Jun’14 funcgo A simplified dialect that compiles to Clojure
UI Jun’14 ui A platform-native GUI library
Tutorials Jan’14 Go by example A nice set of practical examples.
Apps Jun’15 go read An RSS reader.