Google Chrome

Google Chrome is Google’s own browser, based on WebKit and whimsically presented to the world in comic form on Sep 1st 2008.

Upon its launch, it caused major upheaval in the blogosphere, with pundits squaring off into four camps:

  • The skeptics (mostly Mac users, actually, who have been using WebKit for ages and weren’t too keen on being left out of the beta but still rushed out to run it inside a VM)
  • The Microsoft bashers, who saw it as yet another sign of its impending demise, etc., etc.
  • The Firefox crusaders, who were caught unawares blinking into the headlights, but still say theirs has extensions.
  • The “web platform” pundits, who started taking turns to welcome it as the herald of an entirely web-based future.

On all camps, there was also a smattering of UI nerds who alternatively complained and drooled over the simplified interface.

In the end, though, it is just a browser.


Date Link Notes
Sep 15 Crossover Chromium A single-purpose WINE wrapper to enable it to run on Linux and Mac OS X
Sep 3 Portable Chrome Neat, and done by a guy with sense of humor.
Sep 3 The story behind Google Chrome A pretty decent background summary, listing acquisitions, IP and staff involved.

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