iTunes is Apple’s all-in-one music ripper/library/player/shop front, and should require no further explanation.


Date Item Notes
Mar 27 Dissecting iTunes links a handy reference.
Jan 07 Show only exact duplicate tracks in iTunes Holding down the option key changes the menu to “Show Exact Duplicates”
Older syncOTunes merges libraries across machines. Hasn’t been updated in a while, redundant with Home Sharing
Fetch Art a scripting add-on that looks up Amazon cover art (also outdated)
Dragging files to the library with the Option key held down will add (but not copy) them to the library useful for managing things on network drives.
iTunes Not Quite Latin-1 When (re-)tagging MP3 files with Western European accented characters on a Linux system for use with iTunes, make sure you use ISO-8859–1 encoding ($ export LANG=en_US.ISO-8859–1; easytag &)
Oriental (Japanese or Chinese) tagging using BIG5 or Shift-JIS are another problem entirely Not even UTF-8 (which should be the uniform representation by now) seems to work.


Radar Date Notes
#4225479 Sep 2007 When adding album cover art by selecting multiple items and using “Get Info”, iTunes will not add cover art to any files it happens to be processing for determining volume levels. Other ID3 fields, however, will be filled correctly.


Here are the different icons across versions (up to 7.0):

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