Sponsorship Terms

I do not engage in link trading. However, I am open to sponsorship deals for both hardware and software:

  • All manner of Mac-related or electronics hardware (development boards, input devices, accessories audio equipment, MIDI controllers) are welcome and guarantee my posting a fair, unbiased review (with clear indication of device origin)
  • Software licenses have to be suitable for Mac or iOS.

What sponsors get:

  • A 260x200px display ad on all pages of the site along with accompanying text for one week
  • A dedicated post (i.e., small, 1-3 paragraph posts clearly denoted as “[Sponsor]”, complete with direct link to your product and site thumbnail)

Kindly be aware that:

  • Since I live in the EU, I have to declare taxes on the above (except when gifted).
  • I do not update posts after the fact with sponsored/suggested links of any sort
  • I do not accept press releases

Contact information is at the bottom of this page.


I also accept individual donations, preferably in the form of items from my Amazon wishlists (which also include books).