Sponsorship Terms

Since mid-2007 or so I’ve been getting a steady increase on the number of e-mails asking me if they can put up a link, paid advertisement, sponsored post/review, etc. Around 2008 I was getting more than one such contact a day, so I thought it worthwhile to put up a clear statement regarding my policy on such matters, and that trickled down substantially.

However, and given the economic situation come 2013, I am now open to sponsorhsip deals in the following formats:

  • Hardware (vastly preferred, with guarantee of my posting a fair, unbiased review)
  • Software licenses (subject to their suitability for my personal use – I have limited time, and I can’t waste it on reviewing something I don’t use regularly)
  • Sponsored posts (i.e., small, 1-3 paragraph posts clearly denoted as “[Sponsor]” in my linkblog, complete with direct link to your product and site thumbnail)

Since I live in the EU and have to declare taxes on the above (except when gifted), there will also be some paperwork involved – please be aware of that.

Background Info

The following is still valid, though:

  1. This is not a commercial operation. It is, at most, an engrossing hobby. As such, it does not strive to make a profit.
  2. I do not engage in link trading. All the sites linked are there because I like them, and I reserve the right to refuse linking to products/services that do not fit my personal preferences.
  3. Save for sponsored posts, I do not accept press releases. See here.

In a nutshell: If you want to get listed on my sidebar, build a site that I read every day. If you want to make it to my link blog, create something that matters to me.


I also accept individual donations, preferably in the form of books from my Amazon UK wish list (ordering from the US is a nightmare due to the retrograde Portuguese customs). Which brings me to the next topic:

Books, Software, etc.

I do not do canned reviews. I read voraciously and publish notes on most of what I read, and will gladly read new publications thrown my way (in fact, roughly a quarter the books I read these days are donations, picked by kind readers from my Amazon UK wish list), but tossing over a copy and a reviewer’s guide packed with ready-made blurbs is the best guarantee I won’t accept it.

All the software, hardware and other stuff I post notes about is mentioned (and occasionally reviewed) because I think it’s worthwhile to do so, in the sense that I only pick up stuff I can actually use and test thoroughly instead of dilly-dallying with every little shiny new thing that pops up.

As such, if you want me to review your product, please don’t toss over a license key or a sample without asking me if I find it interesting in some way.