If you’re looking for my Amazon wishlist, it’s here.

This is a short list of the things I find interesting enough to contemplate buying (I’ve outgrown the “gadget freak” stage some years back, but it’s always nice to contemplate my options).

Rather than the old, verbose format I had for this page, I decided to be a bit more systematic and use this URL as a scorecard for gadgets and software I’m likely to lust after every now and then, and why I won’t buy some of them anytime soon, other than lack of available cash (which is, alas, in ever dwindling supply). The score is entirely subjective.

Last Update Item Cost Pros Cons Score
Nov iPhone 6 €700+ iOS 8 has finally bridged the gap with Android, and I find myself pining for a decent camera on my HTC One. Hideously expensive. Can’t afford it on my current budget. ★★★★★
Nov iPad Air 2 €700+ I miss my iPad 3 sorely. Hard to use for development. Can’t afford it on my current budget. ★★★★
Nov ODROID-U3 $65 I have a U2, and wish I could buy five or six of these to build a decent cluster. None, really, other than the cost of buying half a dozen. ★★★★★
Aug Nokia Lumia 1020 €? The camera is simply astounding, and trounces pretty much everything else out there Even though I like Windows Phone, most of the apps I rely upon simply don’t exist for it, and the stock browser is a pain. ★★★
Jun iPad Mini €469 €179 on sale, Wi-Fi I’ve been spending far too much time reading e-books on a beat up Nook Color, and the form factor would make this the perfect companion for work, and the only gadget I’d ever need on vacation. Expensive. Tiny hamster-sized keyboards. Display is acceptable, but could be better. ★★★★
Apr Surface RT Surface Pro ~€600 A way to get back in touch with the Windows world and a lighter laptop(ish). Bundled Office (and, recently, Outlook). SSD storage. Attitude adjustment required. Relatively small storage. Small touchpad. ★★★★
Mar Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE €700 Quad-core CPU I can put to good use as a mini-server while travelling. Doubles as an LTE router. Plasticky, poor build quality.
Nov Nexus 4 €300 A tempting way to while away the time until the next iPhone came along. Glass back. No LTE. Couldn’t buy it direct from Google in Portugal (or anywhere else, really).
Jul 28 New Macbook Air ~€1000 The ultimate laptop. Even with the 2013 upgrade, I still need to do a BTO to get the amount of RAM I find minimally acceptable. Expensive. ★★★★★
Dec 17 Panasonic Lumix GF1 €809 After reading this essay and this review, I couldn’t help but wonder if I shouldn’t get one and enjoy it. Expensive as heck, including the extra pancake lens. ★★

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