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Re-Creating Gotham in Pythonista ...have to do anyway to attain an edgy, slightly grainy look: Another of the key... 5 years, 8 months ago
Ubuntu ...Ubuntu 6.10 Tested Hardware: Toshiba/M100 - Edgy Oct 17th build installed and ran mostly... 6 years, 6 months ago
HOWTO Perform Bluetooth Dial-Up in Ubuntu ...a Motorola device on Ubuntu 6.10/Edgy, focusing on the actual Bluetooth setup (if... 12 years, 6 months ago
The Sharper Edge are my notes regarding running Ubuntu Edgy to run on my M100. Most of... 12 years, 6 months ago
Work, Resumed. known as "the Monday when Ubuntu Edgy suspend/resume magically stopped functioning for no... 12 years, 6 months ago
Temporarily Out of Order ...go with Ubuntu (which was risky, since Edgy is only going to be frozen next... 12 years, 7 months ago
Context Switching ...the first place, so they're as edgy as you are. More on the G5... 15 years, 7 months ago