Magic Mouse

Never again will Apple be mocked for its single-button mice. I was waiting for the Bluetooth version, but in the end I settled for an old, reliable, twisted copper tail.

Previously called the “Mighty Mouse” until trademark rights were lost, it is now the “standard” device, with a newer, touch-surface enabled version taking over:


Date Link Notes
Nov 23 multitouch hack It was only a matter of time…
Nov 13 The new Magic Mouse, left, replacing my huge, awesome, but flaky… Seems like it grows on you.
Nov 07 You win some, you lose some: a review of Apple’s Magic Mouse I’ll eventually be getting one for occasional use at home, so some of the insights are interesting.
Oct 22 Magic Mouse: Oh my God—it’s full of capacitive sensors! And me thinking it was pixie dust.
Magic Mouse post-teardown loses some of its dark arts charm Even the internals ate slick.
Older Cleaning the trackball For the older (now “standard” mouse)
Apple Mighty Mouse Scroll Ball cleaning
TV Theme Song
ArsTechnica Review and dissection