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Farewell, iTunes, Almost ...well covered in the docs right now. I...with other services (both Google Play Music and... 6 months, 2 weeks ago
The Smallest Azure IoT Hub Client Ever ...sample for the official docs, I was pretty...accident when I started Googling for sha256 arduino... 7 months, 2 weeks ago
The Switcher's Application Guide ...bear in mind that Google Chrome has a...and will handle Word .doc and @[email protected] files... 9 months, 2 weeks ago
A Random Asynchronous Walk ...15 INFO snippet for the docs, but using Go... 1 year, 2 months ago
Elementary, My Dear Siri! ...CalDAV, so getting a Google shared calendar on...these days except official docs – the kids... 1 year, 7 months ago
My Deep, Dark Secret stuff I mostly went with Google Docs (most of which are offline-capable... 3 years, 8 months ago
WWDC 2013 ...lack collaboration features – which is why Google Docs is tremendously popular in some circles... 5 years, 1 week ago
Palm Pre, Pixi and WebOS ...Pixi emulator support and docs enhancements Well, can’t...the Pre Feb 18 Google demos HTML5-based... 8 years, 2 weeks ago
A wireframe kit for Google Drawings Google Drawings? now that’s a surprise – I haven’t been keeping track of Google Docs... 8 years, 1 month ago
Comparing to Google Docs, sorta Comparing to Google Docs, sorta 9 years, 5 months ago
The Last MacWorld ...already gone on about) a more polished Google Docs. Some Windows-minded theorists have previously... 9 years, 5 months ago
On Apple, Netbooks, and My Line of Work ...of using one for real. Forget about Google Docs, or reading your RSS feeds (in... 9 years, 8 months ago
Feed Poll - What Would You Change in my Feeds? tag:feedback, tag:google docs, tag:poll, tag:rss, tag:tao 9 years, 8 months ago
Eeerritations ...with a single browser tab holding the Google Docs word processor to take notes, the... 9 years, 8 months ago
Tale of a Netbook ...than half of it) on it using Google Docs. I could have used a local... 9 years, 9 months ago
Spotlight ...index Google Docs documents with Spotlight Spotmeta and Punakea help you manage metadata. Google Importer... 9 years, 9 months ago
I, for one, welcome our new diapered overlords ...made it at least as good as Google Docs (which I’m now using to keep... 10 years, 1 month ago
The Joy of Webpads ...the N810 was to paste it into Google Docs (and even then, the browser crashed... 10 years, 3 months ago
Those Internet Service Thingies ...I’ve also started drafting entire pieces on Google Docs and, to my amazement, even embraced... 10 years, 5 months ago
Outsourcing My Stuff ...instance, this post is being drafted in Google Docs. Which now mostly works in Safari... 10 years, 6 months ago